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General / 29 December 2019

This year I’ve been making an effort to work with pencil more. And if you’ve also been working almost exclusively on the computer, you probably know just how paralyzing starting on the first blank page in a fresh sketchbook can be.

But something I found really helpful is to just close your eyes and aimlessly mark the page. Seriously. Show that pristine blank page who’s boss by scribbling all over its clean white face. It’ll remove so much of the pressure of “what should be on the first page of the new book.” All the ideas you’ve been wanting to mark down will no longer be warring over which is most worthy of going first, because none of them will have that honor! :D What you draw out the scribbled mess will!

And this stupid griffin-thing had mine.✏️

This has been my “You probably already knew this but I wanted to talk about it in case it helps somebody PSA.™”